Interview with Marison B., San Diego TRIbe member

GT:    How did you get stoked about endurance sports?

(which is your favorite?)


Marison is on right in pink

Marison– I’ve always participated in some sort of sport since I was a kid, but really got into running in high school being a member of the cross country and track & field teams.   But as an adult other things took priority over fitness so there was a period of time were I didn’t do much….then five years ago, I had a life changing experience that involved someone close to me and at that point I decided I needed a lifestyle change that included eating healthier and exercise.  Naturally I turned to running and as that progressed I wanted to challenge myself, so I signed up to do the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon in 2007, mostly to say that I did a marathon and cross if off my bucket list.  As I trained for the marathon, it became much more that a race but a self discovery about me and what I can accomplish.  I had such a positive experience from that first marathon I wanted to do another one!  Now that I’m taking a break from marathons for the moment and getting involved more in triathlons I love the variety triathlons have to offer but I’ll always be a runner at heart. 

GT:We know you’ve been heavily involved in encouraging others to take up running and enjoy – you’re an active Board member with the SD Track club. What are your top two goals this year?

Marison – Hmmm….where do I start?  The last few months I’ve been hit with a couple of major life changing events, with one of them being laid off from a job I really enjoyed.  I felt very fortunate that I was able to take some time to figure out my next steps…in fact I’m still doing today.  I know I could have taken the easy route and try to get a job with a company in the same industry but I wanted something more that just a job.  I had shared my ideal/dream job with a couple of people and they were like “hey this is your opportunity to pursue that ideal/dream job!” and that’s what I have been doing the last couple of months, working with different organizations were I’m able to combine my active lifestyle and my passion for merchandising, brand management and marketing.  It’s been challenging but I have met so many people that share my vision that I know this is what is in store for me!  As far as my second goal….I’ll have to get back to you on that.

GT:  You just did the rock n roll marathon in San Diego – was it your first half marathon?

Marison – No, I have done 12 other half marathons but the San Diego Rock n Roll half by far is the most special for a couple of reasons, I ran a new PR for this distance and then I was able to run the last mile of the full marathon with my younger sister, Janet who was completing her first marathon.

GT: Did you start with marathon and work backwards?  What are your next goals for 2010?

Marison – Well…I didn’t quite start with a marathon.  My longest race before tackling the marathon distance was a 10K and then shortly after than I did my first half marathon – so you can say I sorta worked upwards!  For 2010, I had decided I wanted to take a break from marathons (training & racing) so I’m concentrating on triathlons this year.  In December 2009 I did the Helmet Tinsel Triathlon, which is a reverse tri, starting with a 3.1 run, 12 mile bike and then 150 meter swim in a heated pool.  This May I did the Spring Sprint which was my first triathlon – I had a great time.  For the rest of the year I have a few more running races, and my next triathlon will be the San Diego International which will be next longest distance in my tri world.  My biggest goal I am working towards will be the Soma Half Ironman in October, it will be my first half ironman and I’m looking forward to it, so if there are any gals out there that will be doing this race we should definitely connect.

GT: How did you find GOTRIbal and why did you join the TRIbe?

Marison – I was introduced to GOTRIbal by Bobbie Solomon, the San Diego TRIbal chief.  She told me about a GOTRIbal transition clinic they were having so I attended it and boy was I glad I did!  I learned so much from that clinic and it really helped me when I did the Spring Sprint.  I joined GOTRIbal because I think it’s a great organization founded by a woman for women who participate in endurance sports – there is such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources the site makes available to us gals, not to mention the camaraderie that is present not only in San Diego Tribe but all over the world.

GT: How are you involved with GOTRIbal now?

Marison – Not only being a member of the San Diego Tribe, I hope as I talk of my love of running and experience of tackling triathlons I can share that with others that there is a group of woman who are just like us and we can learn and lean on each other.   I would love to be able to contribute more to the growth of GOTRIbal because I can see Tanya’s vision for this company and where she wants it to go in the future and I think it’s FABOULOUS and needed!