Interview with Bobbie Solomon, San Diego, TRIbe Chief


GT: Where do you call home these days? 


 San Diego, CA...Triathlon capital of the world.  What better best to be???

GT: Which endurance sport gets you most stoked and how did you get started? 

 Bobbie: I was a springnpard diver and coach but when I found open water swimming I was in heaven.  I LOVE the ocean, the waves and looking back at the shore knowing that the people looking at me are saying, "Wow, I could NEVER do that!"  I love teaching them that anything IS possible including ending up being right where I am at that moment.


GT:  What is your favorite piece of equipment and why? 

 Bobbie: The trisuit (one piece) because it makes you look so good!!!  If you're not talking about clothes than it has to be the wetsuit!  I love wearing a wetsuit, it makes swimming that much easier. I just pull and glide and next thing I know I've swam 1.2 miles! 


GT: How do you support your addiction to your favorite sport? 

 Bobbie: By saving my money and buying the things I need, asking for the things I want for Christmas and my birthday and hoping that I win things at my triclub meeting!!!  As a profession, I actually gave up a programming and analytical carrer to watch my grandchildren so my daughter could become a nurse.  Now she's a nurse working nights, married to a Navy man.  I'm still needed but at the same time it allows me to give all my extra time back to triathlon through GOTRIbal or as the Open Water Swim coach for my local tri club.

 GT: Why do you GOTRIbal and…… why be a Chief? 

Bobbie: I love the feeling it gives me to cross the finish line in any endurance sport.  Because I feel that way, I want ALL women to know and have that same feeling.  I wanted to be the Chief of the San Diego TRIbe because I am an open water swim coach and have so many connections with people all over the county that if I can't help someone directly, I hopefully know someone that can help them!