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When women are aware that your company supports a women-owned business 79% will try your product or service, and 80% will solidify their brand loyalty.

Over 80 percent of all sports apparel purchases and over 60 percent of all athletic purchases are made by women.

According to Radar Research, Gen Y women, 62% of whom are GOTRIbal members, are influential brand advocates. When they discover a brand they love, 61% said they ‘share it with as many friends as possible’ and are likely to share it across a spectrum of platforms, including email, social networks, online reviews, blog comments, SMS/MMS, phone and face-to-face.

COMSCORE reports that women spend significantly more time on social networking sites than men, with women averaging 5.5 hours per month compared to men’s four hours, demonstrating the strong engagement that women across the globe share with social sites.

For GOTRIbal, this is no surprise.

We are a company created by women, for women – and we know what’s important for us, and them.

GOTRIbal women are in 39 regional TRIbes spanning 15 countries with a concentration in the US (across 44 states). GOTRIbal women regularly seek recommendations from their fellow members and through the GOTRIbal online Forums on

  • Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Athletic gear
  • Other sport accessories

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