Choosing Your Swim Clinic

The weather is starting to chill in some part of the country and the world.  Here on the south coast of Massachusetts, it is starting to chill.  We are being teased with warmer sunny days, and chilly evenings…. even COLD!

As the temperature starts to drop, we may not desire to get wet.  But now is the time to improve your swimming techniques and develop endurance foundations for the coming season.  Not all of us, have the luxury of swimming with a Master’s team, or a coach.  Not all of us are able to receive coaching and/or direction during each swim.  Instead, we swim alone and hope for the best.

Swim instruction is one of the single most influential investments that can change your perspective on racing and training for a triathlon.  The swim should be the easy leg; yet for many, it is the most difficult.  I am part-fish, so sometimes I don’t understand the challenge….. but I work with many runners who desire to learn to swim to be competitive.  In this, I have learned that tackling and improving your swim skills will change your entire race.

Get in the pool.  Regardless of the temperature outside, get in the pool.  The link below will send you to clinics that may be in your area.  If you are unable to swim with a coach regularly, these clinics are an opportunity to receive instruction.   And if you happen to be on the south coast of MA, give me a shout.  I would love to swim with you!

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