Why Members Join

Why Join the global TRIbe of women who are passionate about endurance sports?  Good question.

We have a different obsession than this…

We look for goodies like this…

In the mud….. 

Or when we’re chillin with our girls….

We are a part of the global TRIbe – GOTRIbal – to learn more, get stronger, be fitter, and become more connected to those who share our passion for good health and endurance sports.

 We are here because we are part of something important and then to

Pay what we learn Forward.

Sometimes it gets messy….

And sometimes it’s easy…

It makes our brains humm, we’re more fun to be around, our relationships buzz,

and sex… well… 

We also had a few opinions from others….


Here are a few things other GOTRIbal members have to say:

“I initially joined GOTRIbal to meet women like myself who loved to train and compete in triathlons. What I found were friends with a vast knowledge in training and nutrition. I also found great support and camaraderie, something I haven’t found in any other female club of this caliber. The support is top notch and there are always members out on the course cheering for women that are competing”. – Lisa R.

“Hi Ladies! I don’t have a poem for week 3 of my GOTRIbal Oly Tri Program….but I do have some awesome news. At the onset of week one I decided to chart my weight and measurements. Well, I am so totally excited!!!! I am down 12 pounds and have taken 3 inches off total from arms, chest, waist, thigh, hips. Yeah!!! I truly love this program. I look forward to the workouts each day.”

“I have to say that I’m enjoying the fact that I live in a time zone that is 7-10 hours ahead of all of you….it amuses me that I’m already on day 3 🙂  Good swim this morning (and that is definitely my weak sport…).

As far as weather is concerned – we’re having the balmiest winter ever – December and no rain in sight. Great for my training, horrible for just about everything else….

Anyway – just reaching out to say hi and good luck to everybody from a very sunny, warm Israel!”


“Since joining GOTRIbal, I feel like I have found the most amazing group of women anywhere/everywhere on the planet. I have found more purpose in my everyday life and training” – Mary S.

“Everyone can do really amazing things but many people just need someone to believe in them and give them guidance. GOTRIbal does both of those things.” – Dana V.


I joined GOTRIbal without a lot of thought but since joining I have seen the power of joining women together of every make, size, and model to empower one another in all aspects of our lives. I definitely thought this was all about triathlons when I joined but now I’ve realized that GoTRIbal is so much more! I love the comraderie and support you find amongst these terrific women!!!

“You know, I am just a plain old 47 yo woman who stumbled across GOTRIbal wondering if there were anyone my age even crazy enough to start a life changing sport at this time in their life. There you were, saying, “what! you are not old” – since May 09, (when I got into this) I have been taken back by the growth I have seen in myself and just watching the sport of triathlon reach so many people in my own city and other places. Thank you so much for your vision, I have caught it – and am strategically planning to spread it to the triathlon community here in Phoenix – especially the older beginner. By the way – I just got my labs back from the doctor – since starting this training my cholesterol is within the “normal range” !!! 1st time in 10 years!” – Brenda C.

And, for those who appreciate a few data points?  We have a few of those, too. 

– Women were only 23% of the competitors of any road running race in 1989.  Now? When we show up, we really show up — we are 53% of the racers in any given running road race.

– Women have grown to represent 57% of any half marathon running race and 55% of any 5K race.

– In 1999, the USAT (Governing body for Triathlon) had about 13,000 women as annual members.   In 2009, they had close to 50,000. (of their 110,000 at the time) Meaning, we represent almost half of their membership body.

–  We women runners have reported running an average of 7 events a year with 48% of us saying we have a marathon in the plan for next year.

–  We’re smart (78% have a college degree) and we bring home the bacon (69% of runners earn a household income of $75,000+)

–  NBC’s prime time Olympic coverage on Aug. 25, 2004, which included coverage of the women’s Olympic triathlon, was the third most-watched prime time show for the week of Aug. 22, 2004

–  Breast cancer research studies show that if women did more exercise, they can prevent their chances for getting breast cancer by 20%.

And we could go on and on…

But why is this important for GOING TRIbal?

Because in all of this, for the 60+million of us who cycle, run, swim, do triathlon or duathlonthere hasn’t been a community, a network, that we can go to for women-specific resources or connections that allow us to meet up with, learn from or get inspired by other women in our endurance sport.

So GOTRIbal was born.

And now, with GOTRIbal, we have a collective, influential voice that is powerful, influential and smart.  We can move mountains, change markets, alter industries.

But  maybe we’ll just start with shorts that don’t chafe and make our butts look fabulous — even as we’re sweating like mad.


From the women who have joined the TRIbe, we have learned, these are some of the reasons they continue to play:

  • Expect to feel stronger, with more energy and confidence than you thought was possible.
  • They have found that “me time” they kept saying they were looking for. The cool part? They get it even while they are with other women who are looking for theirs. {That’s what we call a paradox wrapped up in an enigma}.
  • They socialize, train with and learn from other women who care about living healthy, active lifestyles (even as they lead busier lives than the average political leader).
  • They’ve learned and shared ideas for how to manage family responsibilities with personal and professional time from other women who have figured out the tricks for training for endurance sporting events while doing the same.
  • They’ve strategized with friends on training, gear and personal needs relating to their ability level in endurance sport.
  • They’ve gotten connected with a sister-of-another-mother and forever had a friend to bike, run or swim with when they’ve traveled to her city on business or leisure.
  • Pay Your Gifts Forward – they share their knowledge and mistakes with others new to the sport and provide friendly, unconditional support for their continued participation.


And finally, you can expect to be part of an influential, global network that exists nowhere else on the planet while giving a gift to yourself, your family, your friends and those women you don’t even know yet.