GOTRIbal Gives Money Away For Scholarships To Pay For Events, Gear And Recovery!

GOTRIbal aims to support women from everywhere, to do anything, despite the challenges that may block their forward progress. Our network is the first way we accomplish that goal — a unique combination of pros, experienced and newbie athletes alike, GOTRIbal members believe in the power of unconditional support.

To that end, this scholarship fund is created to serve those who, by unforeseen or difficult circumstance, have not been able to more fully experience the endurance sport of their choice.

If you are interested in applying, please email us at:

Reviews happen regularly and applications will be considered by the GOTRIbal leadership team.

Scholarships will be given in dollar amounts from $25 to $150.

A few GOTRIbal Scholarship Fund recipients write:

People who run are nice people. Today, I don’t have any workouts to report, but I encountered a very, very key part of transitioning from a Sunday jogger to being a runner. Early in the day, I got an email saying that I had a package to pick up at our front desk. I haven’t been online shopping, I didn’t forget anything at home, so I was totally confused as to what it could be. Recently, I won a race scholarship from GOTRIbal — a great group of women who encourage and support each other in our own endurance events. I was NEVER expecting what was waiting for me in my mailbox.

I opened the box and was found a handwritten note, an awesome GOTRIbal visor, a copy of “Power From Within: Stories About Running & Triathlons,” Luna Bars, chocolate that I’ve never even heard of (but am super stoked to try), and tons of other GOTRIbal goodies. I was totally overwhelmed. These lovely ladies don’t know me, they don’t know that sometimes I secretly skip training workouts, they never asked about my last PR, but their box of goodies had one resounding message — we know what you’re doing, and we believe in you. So, Chicago Marathon 2011, here I come. — Sara Yelich To read more visit here.

I received my scholarship check yesterday.  Thank YOU so very much.  I did not receive my copy of the newsletter but saw a brief blurb about winning the scholarship …

I just wanted to let you know how i was going to use it.  Originally, I was going to sign up for the Yoga online classes.  But some things have shifted for me in the last several weeks and I have a better plan.

A newly remodeled gym has a special of $50 to join.  There new Yoga studio opens at the end of this month and the classes are included in the membership.  ALSO they have not 1 but 2 pools  so I can get back in the water..  And lastly….I am taking the remaining $25 to buy a new seat for my bicycle.  The gym is actually close enough that I can ride my bike there so I will have my new training plan ALL  built into one!

Thank you for everything that you do!  – Julie H.

 (This post below, is from Julie — two months after she received her Scholarship🙂

I would like to donate back $75 to your scholarship fund.   Your scholarship helped me out when I needed it.  Paid for my initial fee back to the gym and a new seat for my old bicycle.

Today, I purchased a new cruiser bicycle of my very own!  It’s beautiful!  (3 speed)

My husband has finally returned to work and I had a fortunate situation that gave us a little extra $$ so I would like to give back.

Let me know how I can get that back into the scholarship pool!

I am from Canada and moved to San Diego for my Master’s degree in 2009. I am studying Sports Psychology and am an avid athlete in several sports, including triathlon.

It was at a triathlon event that I met Tanya and Bobbie and since then, I’ve joined the Go Tribal San Diego Tribe. When I could, I have attended clinics, events, and other meetings with them, and always found a warm, resourceful group. We are always happy and excited to see each other. It has become like a family for me – a home away from home.

As a foreign student in the US, I pay very high tuition and the “Student Visa” does not entitle me to work, so I have to pay for all of my studies and my living expenses out of pocket. That makes for a very expensive year and a VERY TIGHT BUDGET!!

I was happy to know that Go Tribal offers a scholarship to help women get closer to our dreams of training for and competing in triathlons. With Go Tribal’s scholarship, I am now able to buy some of the basics that were still missing because additional purchases were not in my budget this year. I am excited to be able to compete on a more equal platform with others.

Thanks to the Go Tribal Scholarship, I was finally able to buy cycling shoes and bike pedals! I had never ridden with cycling shoes and clip in pedals before. I always used my running shoes and regular pedals. It was alright but I did not get the full potential of having the hamstrings and the quads working to pedal the bike faster. With the scholarship money, I also picked up a set of aero bars so that I no longer have to improvise on my regular handlebars, and pray that I don’t slip off when I go over a bump! Finally, I registered for the Dual in the Desert sprint race to be held this March in La Quinta, for which I am training hard now!!

It feels good to be able to participate with the right equipment, and actually test out my training by registering for a race which was otherwise not available to me, because of my financial situation. Thank you so much, Go Tribal, for helping me to become a better tri-athlete!! – Anna Weltman

For donors, the fund is not designed to burden our members with high donation expectations. The minimum is whatever you can make it, and although there is no maximum, GOTRIbal encourages its members to know there is power in many of us giving a little. The testimony of many who reach to help with just a little can show those of us (teen agers, girls, those hit hard by a tough economy) who may not have plenty that it doesn’t take a lot to make a huge difference.

(Uh, has anyone read about Pennies for Peace??)

Thank you for considering Paying It Forward to others in the TRIbe!

GOTRIbal is NOT a charitable organization, designated with a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status, so you will not receive a tax deducation with your donation. It is a fund that is set up exclusively to relieve some GOTRIbal members of the financial burden in racing, training or connecting at events in order to share their common passion of endurance sports.

Onward and upward!