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Kelly Lewis – A REAL Housewife of Orange County

A rockin’ Mom of three cutie pies, she says ‘running will always be my first love, but I really have learned to enjoy triathlons.’  Playing competitive tennis throughout high school and college, running became a sort of therapy for her.  Kelly didn’t start to enter races until she started having kids.

The 411 on Kelly

Training:  A couple of girlfriends I try to meet with at least once a week, along with virtual training partners.

Goals: To stay injury free, to get faster (especially when it comes to swimming), overcome the fear of mountain biking, COMMIT to a half ironman, ENCOURAGE & INSPIRE women to get out there and participate.

What you probably didn’t know…Kelly loves Cherry Coke & crushed iced and is the Owner/Member of Team Sparkle.

Where to find Kelly: Twitter – @according2kelly or her Blog –

 Chloe Elfink

Chloe started swimming competitively at the age of 7 and was always involved in running since her parents were avid runners and would race frequently.  With the support of good friends, who are also amazing triathletes, she got involved in triathlon and is now entering her third season. She is sponsored by Trinity Multisport, a company committed to sharing up to 25% of its profits to charitable organizations helping those in need

The 411 on Chloe.

Training: Since I decided to do Ironman FL last year, I wanted to get serious with my training and hired a coach. I was fortunate enough to find someone local – and hiring Coach Scott was teh best move that I ever did. Not only did I have someone amazing working with me, but I also gained two wonderful training partners. There is no way I would be able to get up at 4:30 am and run 14 miles solo!  Finishing Ironman with my two favorite people meant the world to me. Some of the best freinds that I have I have met through triathlon.

Goals: To excel this year in the 70.3 distance and to keep up my positive attitude and love for this sport!  But also to get more women involved in the sport. There are so many wonderful ladies that I know who are interested – bu tjust need that little olive brand and a smile to jump into the  multi-sport lifestyle.

What you probably didn’t know about Chloe:

I am an avid fisherman!   My boyfriend is an Orvis fishing uide, so we go out quite frequently. I even made it into a national fishing magazine for a killer fish that I caught!

Where to catch up with Chloe:  Twitter or Facebook  or her blog here.

Whitney Handy

The 411 on Whitney

Training:  I just began training with Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Fitness Coaching. She has helped me regain motivation for this sport! While I definitely complain about how sore/tired/how hard a workout was…a lot.. I know that I am just getting so much stronger with her. I swim at UCSD’s Master Program. For strength and conditioning, I go to Rehab United. RU is another love/hate relationship..the workout can nearly leave me in tears, but it all pays off!

Goals: I had a crappy (literally) race at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2010, with a stomach bug, so I definitely feel like I need to qualify again and prove myself on that course. My main goal is to work on my run off the bike. I have notoriously bonked during many races, so I’m going to nail all the runs this year!!!

What you probably didn’t know… I’m currently doing my student teaching in a moderate/severe special education class and LOVE it. I have a strong passion for frozen yogurt…sometimes I get $8 worth of it at self-serve places!

Where to find Whitney: Twitter – @WhitneyCMHandy or on facebook here

Or her blog at

Kellie Smirnoff

– Variety is the key to longevity.

Kellie S with GOTRIbal Board Advisor, Dan S, at Ultraman Canada.

Being involved in sports since the age of 5 Kellie played soccer and ran track.

As she progressed in years she found her love in running. Competing in several marathons she eventually moved her way into triathlon, ultra distance trail running and ultra iron-distance races. She finds balancing a full time job in Corporate America with her training and racing challenging yet rewarding and looks at the entire package as part of one incredible journey.

The 411 on Kellie

Training: Kellie loves to train with her girlfriends but finds solitude in lacing up her sneaks and running solo for hours. She balances the muscle energy she gains from running, biking, swimming and TRX with the organic energy she finds in yoga.

Goals: To remain healthy and injury free. Smile every second of the day.

Enjoy life, her sport, her job and her family and friends. Continue to participate in endurance sports and inspire as many woman as she can to follow, work towards and realize their athletic goals and dreams.

What you probably didn’t know… Kellie and her twin sister Carrie appears in the documentary ATHLETE where they were filmed training for their first Ironman.

She has completed 3 Ironman races to date and completed Ultraman Canada in 2010, a 100K trail run in New Zealand and recently crossed the finish line as thefirst woman and OVERALL winner of the EPICMAN Ultra triathlon in Hawaii — a non stop ultra triathlon of 420+ miles — with her sisters (and full-time crew and pacers) at her side.

You can find Kellie here on Facebook.  Or her blog here. Tweet her, @twinathlete.

Kelly Steinberg 

The 411 on Kelly

Training: I’ve been in triathlon and multisport for five years now and love it! I’ve trained for half-marathon races, half ironmans and even done IMWisconsin. I enjoy membership with TRI WI and training with the ISCORP women’s cycling club team.

Goals: Continue enjoying triathlon, living the endurance sports lifestyles, encouraging others to get out there and try it!, bring yoga to more people, and be successful at IM Wisconsin!
What you probably didn’t know… I have two beautiful children who inspire me daily and make me laugh more than anyone else.   I love yoga and love to move.  I am addicted to coffee, trail mix and riding my bike.  I have a small photography business and find spending time behind the lens time where I really feel like myself.  Triathlon and yoga have become a way of life for me.  It isn’t just about the sport.  It is about the people I know and love, the healthy way I live and the example I set.  I am one of 6 children.  I have two enormous black labs, Jimmy and Yusef.  My triathlon bike is pink and I love it!!  My running shoe is a size 11.5!   I started playing the cello when I was 25.  I love to be inspired, feel inspired and hopefully inspire others!

Where to find Kelly: On her Blog here   OR  on Facebook

Kelly Parlane

– “It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow”

Kelly was involved in athletics as a kid at her local club and ran throughout school, competing in cross country and track. “I stopped when I was 18 and returned to the sport again at 20 to discover distance running in particular marathons. I took up cycling and triathlon/duathlon at 21 and completed  half ironman and won the 20-24 world duathlon title before focusing on becoming an elite marathoner.”

The 411 on Kelly

Training: Trains under High Performance NZ marathon coach John Bowden and his group and begins XC training season in 8 weeks. Due to injury in 2010, Kelly wasn’t able to train or race as she’d hoped, but she’s back for 2011 and excited to run. She’s training to race a marathon and make the London 2012 Qaulifying time by end of 2011

Goals:  Studying night classes to become a certified Personal Trainer by end of 2011 and get her Marketing Communications degree; Start working on setting up a mentoring program in schools for young female athletes especially runners in order to guide them in a healthy way and share my experiences to raise awareness and support for female athletes who may struggle with unhealthy eating/overtraining.

What you probably didn’t know…Kelly lives in Aukland, New Zealand and is a huge tennis buff, even coaching tennis one summer in Maine,  USA. Her drink of choice is cappucino, she loves the ocean and is a self-professed closet Geek — she loves computers, photography and anything to do with technology.  “I have faced my fair share of obstacles in the form of an eating disorder and a serious injury, and I have such great friends/family/coaches and communities that helped me come full circle and find my way, that I would like to do the same for others and pay it forward.”

Where to find Kelly: Twitter  or here on Facebook.


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