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Adriana Nobrega Giorgetti


The 411 on Adriana:

It all started in 2009, when I started working out harder than usual in order to loose my 2nd baby weight. Then I started to increase my workout volume, and the ta-da moment happened when a guy at the gym told me that he didn’t picture me doing something badass, like a triathlon. Yep, you guessed: I signed for my first sprint triathlon the very next day. Never stopped.

Interesting Facts:

I’m Brazilian with a huge accent. I’m persistent, I was able to battle depression with daily doses of sports and endorphins. I still cry over anything related to my kids. I’ll bring chicken soup for you when you’re sick, and a box of tissues when you go thru a hard break up. I’ve converted too many people into sports, so now I don’t have anyone to go out and have drinks – darn Saturday morning runs.  I wish I were a super hero with the power to protect kids from anything bad. I love triathlons, and men in cycling shorts. I like Bradley Cooper.

Big Goals:

Finish my first ironman (Boulder, CO) with a smile in my face. Being more involved in something not related to me (hint, hint). Work on my daughter’s confidence and make her a mini me – but with more self confidence.

How did you learn of GOTRIbal?

Via Miss Chrissie Wellington, who captivated me with her smile and great vibe.

Please reach out to Adriana via her page on GOTRIbal, here on Twitter or her Facebook hangout. 


Heather Dall


The 411 on Heather:

I played Division 1 tennis in college and after burnout took a long break. I have always loved to bike as well. I never did much with it as a youth, but once I graduated college, I began to race mountain bikes and then a few years back was talked into trying a triathlon. To sum it up, my life and my family’s lifestyle is very active.  

Interesting Facts:

Outside of sport, I like to test out new recipes. Cooking and baking are a source of relaxation for me. I also love a good book. I am just finishing “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. I traveled to Egypt for a month in college. Besides travel, I have a secret love for shopping at Goodwill. My mom was an antique dealer before she retired so I love to wander the aisles to see what treasures can be found. I have even got my kids hooked on this activity.

Big Goals:

I have a bunch of running races, cycle rides and triathlons, including the Pigman 70.3! 

I am working hard to eat as healthy as possible. I’ve added in lots of fresh (preferably organic) fruits and veggies. I did get a vitamix for Christmas, so this has encouraged me to whip up lots of super healthy green smoothies. They are so delicious!

I am working on staying focused during my workouts. Sometimes, I can get distracted or discouraged in a workout. I am learning to do lots more positive, self-talk to stay engaged and upbeat. It’s amazing how much my attitude impacts my performance. 

How did you learn of GOTRIbal?

Oddly enough, while I was reading a blog from Fat Girl to Ironman, she made a mention of the organization. Since I was not familiar, I went to the site, set up an account, and reached out. The concept seems very simple and right up my alley as an athlete and a coach.

Find her HERE on the pages of GOTRIbal. Or, on her blog, on Pinterest, on Facebook, or Twitter too!


Tamsyn Smith

UK (Southampton)


The 411 on Tamsyn:

I took up running whilst I was battling depression. I had a stressful job and I found that running outdoors gave me an opportunity to listen to my own thoughts and relax. I started running on a treadmill, but quickly learned that I am much happier running outside where I can feel the breeze on my face and hear the sounds of nature around me. I run at least four times a week and have cycled to work every day for over a year. I started to learn to swim at the end of February 2013, and by June I was open water swimming in a nearby lake every week.

Interesting Facts:

I competed in the British Team Gymnastics Championships in 2000, before moving onto karate as my main sport. I represented the UK in two GKR Karate World Championships and won several national titles before deciding that I wanted to try running three years ago. 

In the last 18 months, I have completed 4 marathons. Last year, I decided that I wanted a new challenge, so I set my heart on completing an iron distance triathlon within five years.

Big Goals:

I want to complete my UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness course, so that I am a qualified running coach. I want to get a PB at marathon distance in April and I am going to complete my first Half Iron distance triathlon. In all of this, I am going to learn how to breathe properly when swimming!

How did you learn of GOTRIbal?

I found out about GOTRIbal whilst looking for information about women in triathlon.

Want to connect with Tamsyn? She'd love to hear from you. You can reach on the GOTRIbal site easy!

Or, she's here on her page, her blog is here, and she's on Twitter and Facebook too.

Brook Reverie



The 411 on Brook:

I have been doing sprint triathlons for four years, and next year is my big 5 year anniversary. I love every aspect of triathlons since I get bored easily. It’s a great way to mix things up and always feel challenged.
I stay fit with kickboxing, TRX, Pilates, Spinning, CrossFit and Swimming.

I cherish my time with my family. It’s hard sometimes when life is so busy, but we try to make sure sit down together for dinner every night. We are big into Hawkeye football, so we attend every home game and sometimes take a roadtrip to watch ‘em on the road

Interesting fact: I modeled for a short period of time, but quit because I was tired of the emphasis on being skinny instead of being strong.

Big Goals:

One of my big goals for the next 12 months is to start building some muscle mass, whether through CrossFit classes or just weight training. During my triathlon training this year I lost a lot of muscle mass, which resulted in a minor injury. I also want to try to find harmony between triathlon training and family life, this has been a HUGE struggle in our house. 

How did you learn about GOTRIbal?

I found out about GOTRIbal through Amanda Remlinger. She was hosting a giveaway and saw the badge on her blog. Through a couple of conversations we’ve actually become great friends. 

Find her here on GOTRIbal's member pages, or on her blog, or here on Twitter.


Nicole Nguyen



The 411 on Nicole:

I have been involved in endurance sports since 2004 (when I took finals early in college to run 2 half-marathon in one weekend.  

I love spending time with my kids. I might be biased but I find my two to be the funniest humans on earth! They regularly crack me up.  We enjoy finding adventures to go on apple picking, trying new playgrounds, hiking through the forest preserves, and checking out new beaches along Lake Michigan.

 Big Goals:

I have 5 triathlons on the schedule for next season, and also have the goal of running a 70.3 (with the hopes of completing a 140.6 in 2015!)

How did you hear about GOTRIbal?

I learned about GOTRIbal while searching for national triathlon training groups


Kimmie Sussex





The 411 on Kimmie:

I have been active in running, hiking and swimming all of my life. After a bout with a heart virus, I was forced to rebuild my endurance and stamina.

Ever since my heart virus I have taken photos of hearts in nature when I am out running walk and/or hiking. Especially after having so many setbacks prior to May of 2012. I believe the hearts I see have been my guidance and are truly showing my the way to all the things I dream of! 

 Big Goals:

I participated in the DIrty Girl, but had to pull out of the Santa Rosa marathon due to injury. I plan on doing my first 1/2 marathon, then a whole bunch of 5K's, 10K's and a few half marathons after that!

How did you hear about GOTRIbal?

I learned about GOTRIbal on another woman's blog.

You can reach her here on GOTRIbal, or find her here on her blog, Runningtoherdreams, or Twitter.


Alison Keple

British Columbia


The 411 on Alison:

I have always been an outdoor enthusiast (I think that’s a requirement to being Canadian), and as a teenager played water-polo and did a summer-long cycle touring trip with some friends. From there, that led to triathlon in my 20’s.

My husband and I love to travel – a lot of our trips revolve around racing or training, but we try to take “normal” trips too… I’ve seen a lot of cool things like hiking the Inca Trail, sailing from Victoria BC to Miami FL through the Panama Canal… it’s never dull around here!

Big Goals:

One of my big goals for this year was just checked off… doing the Seattle to Portland ride in a single day – 202 miles (325 km in my language)! I am also doing a 3-day mountain bike stage race (Trans Rockies 3) this summer, and this fall racing the Bend 125. As a stronger swimmer/cyclist, I’m excited for that format for sure.

How did you find out about GOTRIbal?

Funnily enough, my husband heard about it first and pointed me in the direction of the GOTRIbal website. I knew it was an organization I wanted to be involved with from the minute I saw it. I know the positive impacts endurance sports have played in my life, especially ‘Alison 2.0’ since I’ve turned 40… and if there’s an organization dedicated to promoting more women getting in the sport – then I’m all for it!

In the meantime, this former marine biologist turned biology teachers loves meeting new peeps who like running, riding or swimming as much as she does. Go here to reach her, or here on her blog.


Meagen Johnson



The 411 on Meagen:  I did my first ½ Marathon in 2007 and my first triathlon in 2008 and I was HOOKED! I love biking, running and swimming. I love to mix up run, rides and triathlons. Recently, Istarted crossfit for cross training and I am TOTALLY HOOKED! 

Big Goals for the next months:

Complete another ½ Ironman, more triathlons and push to place in my age group. More than likely a marathon in the fall. Looking at getting my crossfit certification and focusing on crossfit for triathletes.

I have 8 races this year; half ironmans to 5K runs and everything in between.  Can't wait!

Fun Fact:  I own a publishing company. We publish about 200+ authors each year. I love helping people share their stories!

How did you come to learn about GOTRIbal? Saw a badge on another blogger website!

Find Meagen on Facebook, at Twitter, on her blog, or HERE on GOTRIbal!


Amanda Remlinger


The 411 on Amanda:

I have been participating in triathlons for about 3 years now. After the birth of my first child I was diagnosed with post-partum depression and anxiety and was put on various medicines. While I felt better I still never felt like myself. For quite sometime I was searching for a way to felt whole again. In November of 2010 I stood along the sidelines of Ironman Arizona and watched my brother cross the finish line. I witnessed him go through a multitude of emotions and I was jealous. I wanted to feel overcome with emotion just like he had at that exact moment. I was tired of being overweight, feeling like a horrible mother and having little to no energy. It felt like someone (or something) told me to do a triathlon. The idea popped into my head and I immediately signed up for one six months later. I was certainly no athlete and could hardly run more than a mile or two without feeling like I was going to pass out. But I started slow and trained every single day and never gave up. I did complete my first triathlon and finally felt that rush of emotions I was longing for. I never wanted that feeling to end so I continued to sign up for additional races. Over the course of my training I was able to wean off my medication and feel better than I ever have. I love the feeling I get when I go for a long run or when I get done cycling and still have enough energy to go for a quick swim. 

Big goals for 2013:

This year I am participating in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in May (52 miles from Durango to Silverton, CO). I am also doing my first half Ironman (Vineman) in July. In November I am running a half marathon in Scottsdale, AZ (Women’s Running Series).
Besides all this fun, my family and I take every opportunity we can to jump in our RV and go for a camping and hiking adventure.

How did you come to learn about GOTRIbal?

I came across GOTRIbal a few years ago we first moved to Arizona. I was new (to the state) and really needed friends. I was searching on-line for local triathlon groups. I was hoping to find ladies in my small town to train with, but haven’t found any (yet- hoping that will change as word gets out about this tribe). But in the interim, I have made some great connections with women involved in GOTRIbal and I feel like I can count on them for advice, tips, cheerleading-you name it!

Fun Fact?  Anytime there is food involved at a race, I find that pure bliss.

Find Amanda on her blog, on Twitter, or HERE on GOTRIbal!


Heidi Calma



The 411 on Heidi:

I got started in the crazy sport of triathlon in 2006 shortly after I found myself divorced and about 20 pounds overweight. I had recreationally run and worked out before that, but I had never done any racing or serious training. Quite simply, it saved me from swirling down a drain of alcohol-laden nights, and it gave me courage to rebuild my life after divorce, hope to mother my two small boys alone, and something positive and transformative to focus on.  I completed many sprint triathlons over the course of three years.

Big goals for 2013:

I have four main races planned for 2013: Smith Mountain Like Sprint Tri (5/4), Jamestown International Tri (6/8), Patriot Sprint Tri (9/8), and Augusta 70.3 Ironman (9/29).  I also plan to run a local 10k in October and hopefully a half-marathon in November.
My main sports-related goal this year is to stay strong and focused and finish the half-Ironman. I’d love to see improvement in my Patriot Sprint time from last year to this year.
How did you hear about GOTRIbal?

Through Meredith Atwood’s awesome book: Triathlon for the Every Woman

Fun Fact?

When I first decided to train for a triathlon back in January 2006, I had no idea how to swim beyond a doggy paddle. I couldn’t even go underwater without holding my nose! I spent my first several sessions in the pool, holding on to the wall, nervously putting my face in the water and blowing bubbles out of my nose and mouth.

To read about Heidi's incredible fortitude and humor in the face of a crazy first adventure in triathlon, (and other hysterical and heroic adventures), read her blog at Loveeachstepconnect with her on Twitter ... Or HERE on GOTRIbal!


Trisha Gray

North Carolina



The 411 on Trisha:

I spend a lot of time with my daughters. I homeschool them so we are always together. A lot of our time does center around active sports. They are both swimmers so we are often found at the pool. We also enjoy hiking together and hanging out at the mall doing the girl thing.

Plans for 2013?

I am doing Three Rambling Rose Tri’s this year, May 5, July 14, and Sept 23. I also have the Charity Chase Half Marathon on June 1 and hope to do one more half marathon in Oct/Nov. I will also be virtural 5K’s with friends and may throw some in for fun as they pop up along the way.

I want to set a PR in the Sept Tri and late fall half marathon. I am also working on my certifications as a yoga instructor and a youth personal trainer this year.

How did you hear about GOTRIbal?

I found it on Facebook. Then my best friend mentioned it again, so I came over to check it out.

Fun Fact?

took a fall when I was a gymnast that damaged my knee. I was told at the time I would not be able to run, that my knee would not take it. My doctor said I would probably be okay with 5k races doing walking/running. I was not content with that distance and finally ran my first full marathon this year in 4:50:32...not bad for someone that was not suppose to be able to run in the first place. 

Reach out to her here on GOTRIbal, or you can find her on Facebook or her Blog.



Amy Sheridan


The 411 on Amy:
I played soccer from elementary school age until I got pregnant.  During pregnancy I gained a huge amount of weight and stopped working out.  Then I decided it was time to change. I’ve lost the weight and entered the world of racing and triathlons.

I am currently just over half way to a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  While the martial art is a great source of fitness, it has been more about learning self-discipline and learning about me and my capabilities.

I enjoy helping people when it comes to fitness.  I lost about 50 pounds and I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own body.  I want to help people find the body that makes them happy and healthy. 

Big Goals this year?

  • train and become race-ready
  • complete all 5 triathlons
  • take and pass the Personal Trainer Certification
  • possibly look into a nutrition certification

Learn more about what she has planned to Make Awesome Daily by visiting her here:

Facebook here, or right here on GOTRIbal!



Angie Boswell



The 411 on Angie:  

 I'm a relative 'newbie' to triathlon, (I did a variety of triathlon, runs and rides in 2012!) and have some big goals for 2013.

Being married to a United States Marine, and having a father who was in the Marines, makes me a very proud supporter of our US Military.

Big Goals: Along with completing an Olympic distance tri, and some other challenge fitness goals, I'm looking forward to completing my B.S. in Kinesiology and starting to give back to the area I love the most: being a fitness professional and supporting others in their goals to live active, healthy lifestyles. 

I found GOTRIbal 2 years ago when I was looking for a womens only event to do, and have been hooked ever since.Every other site I looked at was so intimidating, that I felt it was aimed towards individuals who were already leading a very active lifestyle.  GOTRIbal was comforting in a way that helped me to understand that it was ok to be the new girl, and it was ok to finish last as long as I finish.  

Fun fact:  I'm a huge Univ of Louisiana fan (I grew up there) and if I had all the money in the world, I'd buy a ranch and save as many animals as I could.

Reach her on her Facebook page here.


Jen Small  





The 411 on Jen:

Just 3 short years ago I was overweight (250+lbs) and miserable. Having my daughter showed me that I needed to take control of my life and be the best possible example to her that I could be. Something in me just told me that there was bigger and better things for me and this incredible drive was born.  

I learned how to eat, how to run, how to swim and how to bike. But I learned how to love myself in the process and THAT was the life changer. Finding the confidence to face my fears, challenge my limits and chase my dreams has given me a life I am happy to live every single day. My daughter has only ever known a happy, fit, healthy Mom and THAT was my primary goal. I never knew just how life changing this journey would be!

I have shed over 120lbs, discoved my love of triathlon and endurance sports in general and transformed my entire life. 
I can finally be proud of the life I am living. 

Her blog
Twitter @milesmusclesmom


Erin Purrington 


The 411 on Erin:

I have been a runner since age 5, competing in track and cross-country through high school, and moving onto half-marathons and marathons as an adult.  I'd had dreams of being a triathlete since high school and after becoming a mom at age 34, decided it was time to start living that dream.  I completed my first two triathlons in 2011.  Diving right in, my second triathlon was a 70.3!  I have my sights set on a full iron-distance triathlon in 2013.  I currently volunteer leading a couch-to-5k-type group and with my "local" multisport clubs.   

How to connect with her?

Twitter handle: @ErinPurrington
Her Blog - Another Drop in the Bucket


Helen Phipps  
Soon to be in Texas

The 411 on Helen:

I'm a mad scientist with an eating habit hence why I train so much and earned the status of professional triathlete.  I research traumatic brain injury through my doctoral program in biomedical science and am a subject matter expert for technical aspects of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear emergency management.  I am originally from Silver Spring, MD but I live in the panhandle of Florida now and am looking forward to moving to Texas soon with my trophy husband Steve!  Although triathlon can be a rollercoaster, I LOVE to see how happy and confident it makes women of all shapes and sizes!

How to connect with her?
Her blog


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