About Us


GOTRIbal is about connections.

Connections made in a community that is tighter, more close and more supportive than any other – The Tribe.

Connections that say “I got your back” without exception or expectation.

Connections that result in healthier, more active, more vibrant living.

The connections made here provide the resources, tools and means for women around the world to accomplish anything they dream of doing; finishing a 5K run, doing their 20th Ironman triathlon, asking for a promotion, starting a business or even leaving a destructive relationship.

GOTRIbal empowers, engages and excites women through the journey of endurance sports, and offers members the connections, mentorships and resources to realize their toughest goals. Whether those be ON or OFF the race course, in or out of the gym — it doesn’t matter.

GOTRIbal’s members will collectively impact the health epidemic of obesity in America and through their healthy, active lifestyles turn the tide on deaths resulting from low cardiac fitness.

GOTRIbal isn’t about a race.

Or a training program.

It’s about transforming a person. A family. A society. A world


The beauty is in our model: the Pay It Forward process. It’s simple. Once you’ve been given the gift of someone’s belief in you, you pay that gift forward to someone in the TRIbe. It’s that easy.

What Women in GOTRIbal experience…

Once women GOTRIbal , they experience a personal transformation that empowers them – and challenges them – to rethink their long-held beliefs. Through their personal journeys and connections with each other, they positively impact themselves, their families, their communities…their world.

We are one global TRIbe with a passion for active, healthy living!

We are women first.

Mothers, professionals, athletes, rock stars, and matriarchs second.

What Members Say:

I have not always been what I would call “athletic” but love the outdoors and being Active! I did my first supersprint on mother’s day 2 1/2 years ago when my son was 6 months. Training and the goal gave me something to look forward to, and as a new mom, I really needed it.

I am super excited about the site, I have struggled trying to make connections in the sport, and getting training advice…so I am super pumped up. I was also drawn to the site, because in a few weeks my Husband and I will find out if we are moving out of the country and I didn’t want to leave the sport behind. It would be so awesome to experience the Globalness of the TRIbe!

I was 233 lbs married to a drunk and a sad couch potato. Got rid of the drunk, lost the weight and other ‘excess baggage’ and started getting into shape. Addicted after my first triathlon actually addicted after I bought my first road bike to train. Thanks for the warm welcome.

What We Value

Humility: We’re cool, successful and traveling on a personal journey to greatness because others have helped us to…and we remember the times we fell off our bike, lost our goggles in a race, or couldn’t run a mile, so that we can support someone else in their quest for greatness while they endure the same humbling journey.

Service and empowerment: We are here to serve each other in reaching our goals and wishes for a better life, family, community. We do that by enabling, energizing and empowering each other through our positivity, recognition and active involvement.

Inclusivity: We support any woman or girl who’s expressed a desire to try and a willingness to learn. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can.

Fun: We practice random bouts of sarcasm, downright ridiculousness, and an uncanny ability to laugh at ourselves more than others. (Miles in the saddle, hours in the pool, and countless trials in the wrong running shoe has done weird things to our body parts – all fodder for hilarious and irreverent conversations.)

And finally, we respect and applaud differences of opinion, political affiliation, faith and race; and we use our common passion for endurance sports as the conduit for teaching us lessons about life, work and relationships, enriching all three and building good health in us and with those we choose to share our experiences.

Onward and upward!

Founder, Chief TRIbal Officer