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Hello Girls,

I hope you had a wonderful summer and you could go to places you’ve never seen before…

This summer has definitely taught me a lot. I learnt a lot about myself, about the mountains in general and the French cuisine. How is this possible? I got lucky enough to climb 5 mythic Alpine passes including Alpe d’Huez, Galibier, Lautaret, Courchevel, Les Menuires and some of them in a great company.

Overwhelmed, Over Tired, Undermotivated

I am now 11 weeks into my very first pregnancy.  I would like to first share with you a little bit about my first reactions and impressions on finding out this exciting, overwhelming news.  I hope to take you along with me on an exciting 7 more months of (hopefully) an active, fun and healthy pregnancy!  And for all you active moms who have been in this boat, I would LOVE to hear from you along the way because I will need each and every one of your help, encouragement and support!  Please follow below to get a taste of the beginning of my journey:

The Athlete with a Thousand Faces

Hello, GO TRIbal! 

Tri Goddess Tri 70.3

I did it!  Yesterday I finished my 2nd 70.3 - Epic Races Tri Goddess Tri at Portage Lake in the Waterloo Recreation Area in Michigan.  It was Epic's maiden half ironman and  the only all women's 70.3 east of the Missippi.  Being a Michigander I had to sign up. But  this journey really began on 12/23/11.

A day in the life

Does any of this look familiar?   

Sat:  Alarm goes off....(you slept in today)

Here's a bit about one weekend day in the life of me...

I work a little bit.  Then by 6:30 I've got my lycra on (matching, of course), my hair pulled back, my heart rate monitor firmly pressed against my breast bone, and I'm eating as I put my cycling sox on.

Follow your Bliss


Like many people, I've been watching the Olympics this week.
As always, I find myself enthralled by the swimming and cycling events.

Is it because I am a triathlete and these are "my" sports?
I think not.
Although, I will watch the marathon, but no other running sports.

I'm lovin' it!

I've now been 'signed off' from Mickel Therapy having had my last session last month. I have all the tools to help me stay well but can always ask for help if needed. I still get tired some days but not 'crappy CFS tired' where my system starts to shut down and I have no option but to take to my bed. I reckon I am getting tired because I am doing so much more now compared to what I used to (not) do!

About the evangelist


As I inch ever closer to building something I hope will make womens lives more easy and fun as they aspire to live active adventurous lifestyles, I also am keen to remember something very important:

Zappos, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Red Bull, The Body Shop and more... none spent a dollar on advertising.

Why is this circling in my brain?

Because the strongest, best brands grow because of one thing: Trust.

And their biggest fans spread the word for them. 

The Gaia Hypothesis

Hello, lovely ladies of GO TRIbal! 

Rules of ... Running

I have recently found myself a new running/training partner. In a time when everyone’s life seems so busy, the thought of finding someone to train with is just plain glorious. Or at least for me it is. While I do cherish those moments alone on a run, I feel like I spend a little too much time alone. So this has been a welcome reprieve.

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