A day in the life

Does any of this look familiar?   

Sat:  Alarm goes off....(you slept in today)

Here's a bit about one weekend day in the life of me...

I work a little bit.  Then by 6:30 I've got my lycra on (matching, of course), my hair pulled back, my heart rate monitor firmly pressed against my breast bone, and I'm eating as I put my cycling sox on.

Follow your Bliss


Like many people, I've been watching the Olympics this week.
As always, I find myself enthralled by the swimming and cycling events.

Is it because I am a triathlete and these are "my" sports?
I think not.
Although, I will watch the marathon, but no other running sports.

I'm lovin' it!

I've now been 'signed off' from Mickel Therapy having had my last session last month. I have all the tools to help me stay well but can always ask for help if needed. I still get tired some days but not 'crappy CFS tired' where my system starts to shut down and I have no option but to take to my bed. I reckon I am getting tired because I am doing so much more now compared to what I used to (not) do!

About the evangelist


As I inch ever closer to building something I hope will make womens lives more easy and fun as they aspire to live active adventurous lifestyles, I also am keen to remember something very important:

Zappos, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Red Bull, The Body Shop and more... none spent a dollar on advertising.

Why is this circling in my brain?

Because the strongest, best brands grow because of one thing: Trust.

And their biggest fans spread the word for them. 

The Gaia Hypothesis

Hello, lovely ladies of GO TRIbal! 

Rules of ... Running

I have recently found myself a new running/training partner. In a time when everyone’s life seems so busy, the thought of finding someone to train with is just plain glorious. Or at least for me it is. While I do cherish those moments alone on a run, I feel like I spend a little too much time alone. So this has been a welcome reprieve.

Paying it forward in summer

Hello Everyone,

It's been very busy times...I suppose it is the big rush for everyone before the vacations kick off:-)

What are your plans for the summer? Any road trips?

I have a few suggestions for you. 

Just take a little bit of time, look into yourself and see where you could improve the life of your family and close friends. Your son/daughter did not finish the school year with good results? Take just a few minutes, practice with him/her every day. You will see every single moment can make a change on his/her life.

Sex Sells Sports?

Hello, lovely ladies of GO TRIbal! 

In light of the transpiring Tour de France, which is with no doubt one of the most inspiring and entertaining of races to watch, I found myself wondering, once again, why women's road cycling continues to be less prominent and less applauded than men's cycling. Millions of women enjoy road cycling, and many enjoy competing at a level that is aggressive, exciting, and fierce. I found this article from Outside Magazine:

Can you hear that?

WOW! It’s been a while. Not sure exactly why it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’d venture to guess, partly because I haven’t made the time and partly because I didn’t feel that I really had anything to write about. Can’t really say that the latter has changed too much but here I am.

Roads Can't Burn

Hello GO TRIbal! 

I just barely got back from fighting fire in Saratoga Springs and Oak City, UT. What an exciting two weeks it has been! While I was gone, it so happened that my own hometown caught on fire. My old house burned down...and so did the houses of many people I know and love. 

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