Motion Commotion meets RAAM in Kansas


Motion Commotion in the Media

Motion Commotion was featured in the Attleboro, MA Sun Chronicle. Volunteer rider Heather Sweet is a native of Attleboro. Read the full article here:

Supporting the Girls in the Water

I am naturally busty and I am trying to find a swimsuit that has a built in bra for support. I need more that just the elastic band type. Does anyone know if these are even available? 

To TT or not to TT?

Hi all,

I recently completed my first half ironman on a mediocre, but comfortable, road bike (alloy with carbon forks and seat post). I have signed up for Ironman Australia in May next year and my next dilemma is whether to upgrade my road bike (i.e. full carbon frame), or to buy a TT bike for some of the training and the race?

I have read varying opinions online but would really like a female with a bit of experience in ironman to guide me on this.

Thanks in advance.


Katy Perry and Motivation

Hello GO TRIbal! 

I just got back from three weeks fighting fire in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. I didn't get to run, ride bikes, or swim the entire time I was out working. I found myself thinking about the strangest things while I was working for 16 hours a day. Here is a comprehensive list of the things that were on my mind: 

1. going mountain biking

2. drinking coconut water 

3. listening to Katy Perry 

4. road cycling 

5. going trail running with my puppy 

6. taking a shower 

Sustainable Triathlete


The more time I spend away from Nature the more I realize how important it is to preserve our Planet as it is. Each and every time I get a chance to travel to the countryside either for a race or for training/vacation the beauties of France make me think about my own responsibilities towards our Planet.

Had a Good Laugh

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. And what is better than when that priceless “laugh out loud” moment hits when you are watching yourself in the mirror.

Today (well mostly this morning) was a crazy, busy day. After teaching 2 hours of cycling class, I had just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat, a big cup of coffee and a shower before heading off to multiple training sessions. My laugh at myself moment came after the shower when I found myself “attempting” to get dressed.

I skipped my workout today...

And it was awesome.  No, I didn't nap, or catch up on work, or any of the things I would normally do when skipping a workout.  I went for a hike.  

An almost-2-hour hike, and it was GLORIOUS!  No pace, form, power, heart rate, cars on the road, intervals, you name it....

Just me, some pretty cool scenery, and getting lost in my sweat.  

Come race day will I wish I had put in those extra miles?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I didn't slack off today, I worked hard.  

5 a day support group

June in National fruit and veggie month so I started a 5 a day support challenge group.


1. Sign up for a FREE acount with me at

2. For 60 days log everyday in a secret facebook group 5 servings of fruits and 5 serving of veggies that you eat each day

3. Enhance your health and wellness, increase your energy, hydrate and maybe even drop a few pound.

Send me a message if you want to be added or have questions. 

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