You Know You’re Raising A Fit Family When…

  1. Everyone in the family has clothing made with DriFit.
  2. The kids request protein shakes for breakfast.
  3. Creative play includes working out, races and going to the gym.
  4. Your kids greet the childcare staff at your gym with as much affection as they give their favorite aunt. 
  5. There is a laundry basket for darks, for whites and for sweaty workout clothes.
  6. There is a designated workout area in the house (and the playroom doubles as a workout area when necessary).
  7. Everyone in the family has a “finishers photo” on the mantle.
  8. When you and your partner work out at the same time you consider it a date.
  9. Your gym bag doubles as a diaper bag and vice versa.
  10. Hearing “you stink” isn’t intended to be derogatory, but rather a statement of fact, even a badge of honor.

Thanks to Twitter I got an additional item, which I loved:

–You have to initial all the race shirts so you know whose laundry pile to put them in.

Any of your own to add? How do you know you’re raising a fit family?

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