Women’s History Month

I was asked this morning who my favorite female athlete is/was and how she influenced me in my athletic career.   I had to think about this a moment, since the athlete that influenced me the most is not a woman.  Edwin Moses, the greatest hurdler of all time, was the reason I ran track.  He was the reason I ran 400m.  He later became a mentor and friend after his retirement.  I really had to think, on the women who were influencial.  And……

Jackie-Joyner Kersee.  An amazing power house in track and field.

Florence Griffith Joyner.  Another power house sprinter.  I remember shedding a tear when she died.

Julie Foudy.  Women’s soccer.  What is there not to love?  We beat the world at the world’s game.   It was thrilling when I met her, after seeing her play in Greece.

Lynne Cox.  The woman who swam to Antarctica.  I love swimming; but the water there is COLD.   I also enjoyed meeting her recently.

Dara Torres.  She is my age, and is still competing.

These women are the women who have influenced me in my career past and present. When we think that the first woman had to dress up as a man and sneak in a race, to be able to compete in the marathon, there are many women who are every day doing amazing things in sport to inspire and influence us.

Who has influenced you?  AND why?

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