Winds Of Change

Good Day Ladies,

What an amazing weather here in the City of Lights…Fantastic, great motivation to go out and have fun on the bike!-)My only concern is that it is not possible to read “A life without limits” why sitting on my bike:-)

I am not quite sure if you have read the book of Chrissie but it is definitely a “must read” for any woman or men who are involved in triathlon. I should say that actually it is not only for those of us who are living a sporty life it might me a motivation to start things and pick up a new life style other than sitting on the sofa and watching Grey’s Anatomy:-)

I am extremely happy that our sport seems to be getting more and more media coverage. This is due to many things partly because of the accessability and the beauty of our sport but most importantly to our ambassadors who show great sportmanship at every single race they are participating at.

Recently and old/new champion is giving a try to test himself at the Ironman Distance. Lance Armstrong 7 time Tour de France winner is by no means someone who we should neglect as a personality. People often say either you hate him or you adore him. I used to be a big Lance Armstrong fan I think I read his book (It is not about the bike, Every second counts) at least 4 times and he was my hero for quite a while.

I changed…When I am looking for someone to support no matter if it is in the personal or professional life that person needs to be so much more than just numbers and race results…I am always looking for a positive attitude and a personality which could have a positive affect on my life.

When I saw Lance followed by his bodyguard to the swimstart of his first Ironman 70.3 race I was simply disgusted. Also by the way he approaches the media was somewhat different from what I expect from a champion. What I love the most about this sport is actually the same as what Chrissie is writing about in her book: it is probably the only 1 sport in the world where the pro athletes compete the same day/same hour same place with the age groupers and amateur athletes. This is such an amazing platform for everyone!

Triathlon and Ironman especially teaches you a lot of things and I know that personally it is making me to become a better person every day. However it also raises the bar…For me breaking the World Record or winning the Tour de France is not enough any more, I need champions, friends and bosses who are not just representing numbers but making significant positive changes on others lives.

Go ladies, get yourselves out from the house, bring your girlfriends to the park for a run and be a great ambassador for our wonderful sport!

Good Luck.

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