Why I <3 Exercise

So many people don’t get the appeal of a good, hard workout. They don’t understand the endorphin rush, the sense of accomplishment in looking in the mirror post-workout to see the “hot mess” that you are, or the satisfaction of utter physical exhaustion. I get it. It takes time. Takes putting your mind and body through all of the above quite a few times before you truly understand that these are gut wrenchingly beautiful moments. And maybe the sheer fact that not everyone “gets it” makes it all the more beautiful. It makes it something that is “yours” that no one else can duplicate.

And that my friend is why I love exercise. Because no matter who you are or what type of exercise you do, you get something almost magical out of it. Ok, maybe magical is a stretch – I know there is nothing magical about tight IT bands, black toenails and green chlorinated hair …………. Or is there? They do tend to show up completely out of nowhere!

Take my last week, for example. If you read last week’s blog  you would see that I was feeling completely stressed out. Not knowing which way to turn or what my next move was. Here I sit 10 days later with a body that is completely exhausted. Last week I taught 4 spin classes, trained with clients (I like to do the workouts alongside them. If I expect them to do it, I had better be able to, too) and did my own workouts, too. My body is completely exhausted, but my mind and emotions are completely revitalized and rejuvenated.

Body wants a nap … Mind says “Hello World! What ya got for me this week? Bring it on!!”

And that is all thanks to exercise! I dare ya, go kick your own ass on some workouts and feel the magic!

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