Trainer Rides With Friends = FUN!

Hello, GO TRIbal!

Winter is officially here! I sat in classes all day today and watched the snow fall. And with the snow came the realization that riding bicycles outside will soon be an impossibility.

Luckily, the Cycleops trainer is ready to go. This morning, my roommate and I got up bright and early to do a trainer ride inside with some of our friends. We had a great time and made breakfast and coffee afterward. One of our friends brought his adorable border collie puppy over, and he is officially the UM cycling team’s mascot (far from a grizzly bear, but he’ll have to do).

This is a red border collie, if anyone was wondering

Sometimes I feel like my trainer rides are boring as hell and not amounting to anything. But then I remember that it’s all about spending time on the bike. Hopefully the puddles of sweat and packages of Clif Shot Blox will pay off when race season comes in the spring!

Here is a great video of Linsey Corbin doing a 3 hour trainer ride:

It’s always inspiring to watch such an amazing athlete.

I hope everyone stays healthy and enjoys the transition from autumn to winter.

Remember to act like a lady. Because ladies are awesome.


Jenna P.

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