Super Sunday

Two years ago, Super Bowl Sunday. I spent the day with my family, watching hours and hours of pre-game and the “Big Game” itself.
We had plenty of chips, dip and beer to last the entire event. I was seriously overweight and the best exercise I got most days was walking up a flight of stairs to my office.

Today…I’m still “under tall’. There’s still beer and and chips available, thou I won’t partake in as much of either. I still started the morning watching a little Mike and Mike pre-game.

The bigger difference?
I grabbed my bike and running shoes and headed to the lake.3 hours of Biking and 20 minutes of Running later, I jumped into the icy waters of Lake Mead for a quick cooling dip.

How did this happen?

I’m not quite sure, but I do know everyone has to find their own reasons, their own passions..but when you begin to believe….

Anything is possible

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