Sufferfest And Laughs All In One

There are many reasons I love multi-sport for my reason to play and stay fit.

A Top-of-the-List favorite reason though is the super-fun, crazy, sarcastic and super-sassy people it attracts. Or maybe we turn into that after we’ve been doing it for awhile…

who knows. I don’t care. I just know when I get invites to play, train or race with them, they always sound like this recent invitation for a ride:

Ridiculous Hammerfest Productions presents another Sufferfest in the bEast County.

Feel free to invite Yourself, Friends, and especially Enemies!!! 🙂

We roll out at 8:02am, for a brutal time-trial over the Guatay grade into Pine Valley… ‘cos that’s where the first b…athroom is located. 🙂 Then we casually roll down old Hwy 80 to Kitchen Creek Rd (base at 3,200′) and start climbing… 12.5 miles later we bust through the 6,000’ mark and stop at the Laguna Mountain Lodge for some emergency calorie replacement. Then we cruise North on Sunrise Hwy for some great views of the Anza-Borrego Desert (and if we’re “lucky” some crazy wind gusts — bring you disc wheels!!!) and hit a few more “speed bumps” before turning left on the 79 which takes us around Lake Cuyamaca and back down to Descanso.

All in all, about 62 miles with 5,800′ (over a mile!) of elevation gain.

Note: Kitchen Creek Rd has two gates blocking cars from going thru, hence there’s almost no traffic out there (definitely none between the gates).

Bring a drop of water, and at least half an almond or something to snack on. 🙂 Seriously, if you bonk out there we’ll feed you to the coyotes and put your bike on eBay; there is *no* mercy on a Ridiculous Hammerfest Productions ride!!!

Remember: Every hill is an opportunity to give and receive pain; and this is definitely a case when it’s better to give than to receive! 🙂

Ride STUPID on the climbs, an SAFE on the descents!!!

Insurance provided by 1-888-Yo-Fault
Course support provided by 1-888-U-Spouse
All rights reserved, some wrongs still available.

Now, I’ve been ont his ride before. Alone. And there was NO WAY i had as much fun as I’ll have when i go with these peeps on the ride. (I do recall crying + phone calls to my coach about being lost… but it’s all a fog now.)

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up in your life, a new challenge, or heck, a new group of friends — well, take up multi-sport. With a crew like the one I get to hang out with, it isn’t so much about where you finish, as much as how much fun (and bit of torture) you have along the journey. Extra bonus is you get really strong lungs, legs and a killer ab workout from all the giggles along the way.

A big shout-out of shoog to Peter who always seems to BRING IT! and make it fun in the process.

Onward and upward, always.

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