Reflection Run

I don’t run much this time of year. Instead I enjoy my time off from triathlon sports and focus on functional strength training, hip and shoulder mobility and stability exercises with my TRX, Insanity and P90X.

I am currently part of a challenge group in which I complete a P90X and Insanity workout every day, often doing P90X on my TRX. This “offseason” challenge ends Christmas day.

The week between Christmas and News Years will be unstructured. I will start to prioritize my running along with P90X2.  January 1st  I will run  the New Year’s day 5k as my baseline fitness test. This will determine what 8 weeks off running along with my strength training has done for my fitness.

Today, thanks to GOTRIbal and “Shirts off to Troops 5k” I  ran my longest run since October, 3 miles, with my dogs. While running I was reflecting (best part of running) on my GOTRIbal affiliation.  The commitment Tanya has with GOTRIbal’s mission, to “empower and connect women though the journey of endurance sport”.

I joined GOTRIbal in the fall of 2009. A women I met once, Cheryl, from Wyoming, sent me an invitation. I joined and was almost immediatley contacted by Tanya to be a contributing writer, an “expert coach.”  Tanya helped me overcame my biggest fear, writing. Since then, I have now created my own blog and submitted artibles to LAVA magazine.

I have wittnessed GOTRIbal’s growth across the world. I have developed new friendships along the way.   I am truly proud to be a part of this movement.  There are so many women that share my same desire to help others overcome their fears and insecurities and empower them though the journey of endurance sports.

I just want to say thank you to all of you and keep up the good work…WE ARE MAKING A CHANGE….one body at a time!

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