Red Hot Date

It is 9:45pm on a Thursday night. The husband is working the night shift, so I have a hot date tonight. Me, Cherry, Craig Alexander and Chris Lieto are on a double date in Kona. We can feel the winds whipping through the Lava Fields as I speak. Ok, actually it is the fan going in my basement. But you know; same diff.

Tonight I dusted off the tri bike – literally. I have been so involved lately in teaching indoor cycling classes and NOT running that Cherry (my tri bike) has been seriously neglected. I’m telling you, there is nothing like your own Adamo saddle between your legs, the hum of the trainer and the squeak of the rear tire! I have gotten so used to mashing it out in spin class that is nice to get a distance and speed reading – as opposed to the imaginary hill and thumping techno music. And you know those handy Aero bars? Yeah, they aren’t just for speed – they make a (somewhat) perfect laptop stand. As I am literally typing as I ride. Sure this isn’t the most intense ride, but my HR is up at about 65% of max and sometimes an enjoyable workout can get you a heck of a lot farther than a suffer fest.

Right now I am watching the pros swim in Kona (God bless DVR!). The announcer just states, “Most of the pros finish the 2.4 miles in just under 40 minutes”. Ok, I have just stepped up my bike workout a bit; we’ve hit 70% of max! My 1.2 mile swim time is close to their 2.4 – yup we’ve now hit 75%. I’ve got some work to do!!

Workouts can get monotonous. I know it, you do too. My treadmill remains off limits – no running yet for me. (Although I am about 2 weeks from my first attempt at a pain free run in over a year!) I’ve been condemned to the elliptical. Yes, you read right – condemned. While there once was a time (pre-running days) that I loved it, I now dread it. You never want to run quite as bad as when you just can’t. And of course I could hit the treadmill for a walk, but some days that just seems like sacrilege. (Nothing against a good walk, just back to that “you never want to run quite as bad as when you just can’t”.)

Ooh time to kick it down a gear. Chrissie and I are “Passing the field one by one”and “Breaking some hearts along the way”.

I’m telling you, if you need a good trainer workout. Turn on a past Ironman Championship. Train with the pros, ride like the wind, race for the podium and “You (too) are an Ironman!”

*A special thanks goes out to Craig Alexander and Chris Lieto for the date night, to Chrissie Wellington for helping me step up my trainer workout a notch and all the other pros and AG’ers for joining me on this ride!*

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