So, after breaking my leg in early February and attempting to keep my mind going during March, three weeks ago, my cast finally came off and I was ready to get my rehab going!

Off to the physio I went and he immediately allowed me to get swimming (yay!!) and also to do some minor cycling.

My ankle was still swollen and it would swell even more after I’d been cycling for only 10 minutes 🙁

Also, my calves looked a little odd-sized:

The physio didn’t seem too worried by this though and he told me to spend as much time as I want in the pool.

I’m happy to report that 3 weeks after my cast has come off, I am now fully able to swim as much as I want, I can cycle up to an hour, I’m walking without crutches and I am FINALLY allowed to go on an elliptical.

I’m not allowed to run yet, which I didn’t expect, to be honest, but I am coming on in leaps and bounds and am looking forward to getting into full training again soon.

There is one minor hiccup left – they’re removing some of the pins on the 30th and after that I might have a week or two off my feet again, but all-in-all, I am feeling quite good about the recovery process so far 🙂

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