Paying It Forward In Summer

Hello Everyone,

It’s been very busy times…I suppose it is the big rush for everyone before the vacations kick off:-)

What are your plans for the summer? Any road trips?

I have a few suggestions for you.

Just take a little bit of time, look into yourself and see where you could improve the life of your family and close friends. Your son/daughter did not finish the school year with good results? Take just a few minutes, practice with him/her every day. You will see every single moment can make a change on his/her life.

Try some new things in the kitchen. You never had time to prepare a real dish? Take your afternoon off and check out a cookery book to get some new recipes and surprise your family. Invite your friends over to try the best recipe of the World:-)

You are having a friend who is afraid of cycling but would love to come with you for your Saturday rides? Take some time and practice with her. Teach her and show her,motivate her! Most of the time we just need a few words of encouragement and we are capable of doing things that we never thought we could…

Remember: pay it forward even in summer time. Stay cool, be nice, motivate others and you will get motivated as well!

Happy vacations to all of you!

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