Hello All,

I am preparing for my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in july in Paris. I have found a few on the internet and am struggling to make sense of them. Most of them strike me as being incredibly tough and well over the times I would hope to achieve for this (30min for the swim, 90 min for the bike, 60min for the run).

So when I read about 60/75 min swim sessions I am a little confused as to why you would want to swim double the time you’re aiming for (and is a realistic target for me based on my training so far). Same with bike and runs. I understand that of you can do 60 you can therefore swim 30 but I am slightly worried I am going to be completely burnt out following those.

Now I know an Olympic Triathlon is obviously a demanding endeavour and that you should be prepared to suffer but having done my first marathon last year, I am finding the proposed triathlon training way more difficult than the marathons training programs I found.

If anybody can recommend good and tested training plans (even ones you have to pay for), that would be much appreciated.

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