Ode To Vintage Bikes

Hello GO TRIbal!

It is officially autumn in Missoula, Montana. How do I know this? Because I was cold on my bike ride yesterday morning. And I have a sweater on right now.

Cycling practice definitely starts tomorrow…and guess what I left at home in Idaho? MY ROAD BIKE. However, I DO have my vintage Peugeot road bike–yes, the one I ride to school and around town in order to prevent my Trek from being stolen.

This is it:

Just look at the florescent orange handlebar tape. So tasteful. It really accentuates the retro stripes on the frame–which has the color scheme of the floral couches that come from Goodwill and are found in the dens of so many grungy college students. But I digress…

So one of my friends and teammates, Peter, told me that I should slap some pedals on this baby and use it at the first cycling practice of the year. Should make for a funny morning–and maybe me riding alone due to early droppage from the group. But most of the people showing up are new cyclists, so that is comforting in some way. I figure my parents rode bikes like this when they were my age. What makes me so cool and special? I should be able to recreate on this vintage work of art too. It’ll be a challenge to stay with some of my teammates. I’m considering making a music video out of it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season…it’s often my favorite time of year in terms of running outside…hearing the leaves crunch underneath my feet or bike tires.

Keep on keepin’ on…on whatever bike you ride or decade you decide to live in for the day!


Jenna P.

P.S…here is a hilarious video about performance bikes vs. hipster “fixies” or…cough cough…vintage Peogeots such as the one I will be riding tomorrow at cycling practice.

Here’s the link. Cheers!


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