A New Side To TRI

Who says you have to do the same races/distances year in and year out? This coming June I am happy to say that I am trying something new (again) in the world of triathlon. The triathlon relay!

I will be the first to admit that the Type A/OCD in me comes out a little and I feel a bit odd about relinquishing control of “my” race. But it isn’t just “my” race. And I am ok with that.

The flip side is that I am helping someone new get into the sport. I am sharing my passion! The friend of mine that will be doing the bike portion is using this to “try a tri”. And I have to tell you, that makes me so excited! For some reason, every time I get someone new to try a sport (like triathlon or even running) it just gets me pumped up!

I guess I just know how good training for and finishing races makes me feel. And if I can help someone else find that feeling, that sense of accomplishment – then I will do whatever I can!

If you find yourself needing to switch things up, needing to add some fun back into racing or are looking for a way to help someone get into the sport – see if they offer a relay division at your favorite races. The relay is also a way that you can still race if you are plagued by an injury, many injuries that face us still leave us able to hit the pool; so round up some friends, make a team and have some fun!

Now if anyone has some clever suggestions for a team name, we are all ears …

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