My love affair with running

Two and a half years ago I started a journey. Honestly didn’t know where it would lead. I didn’t have a map, no gps, no mapquest. My direction came from our group lead. Little did I know that this couch to 5k program would change my life.

When you start running..everything is new. It’s hard to breathe, much less talk to someone while running. Our coaches and mentors always tried to get me to talk….who were they kidding? I couldn’t talk AND run! Haha

Plagued by the dreaded shin splints I was side lined at a crucial time in our program. I came back after three weeks out feeling even lonelier and discouraged than whe I was running in pain. But I had a coach who stuck with me…..who wouldn’t give up on me….who didn’t let me quit.

I crossed that first 5k finish line……a spark had been lit…..where woukd the next journey take me? I couldn’t wait to find out.

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