My First DNF

Hello GO TRIbal!

Happy Halloween (almost)! I hope everyone has signed up for a Halloween 5k…it is always SO FUN to dress up and run with your favorite gals. I also hope everyone is enjoying my favorite autumn treat: PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!

This past weekend, I attempted to run the Pony Express 50. Last Monday, I came down with a terrible cold–and never really recovered. My boyfriend and I drove from Missoula to Faust, UT on Thursday and got ready to race. We met his parents (seasoned triathletes and adventure racers) there and had a great time. They were our support crew and main source of motivation on the god-awful, straight, desert-surrounded dirt road.

Fifteen miles into the race, I started having coughing fits and I couldn’t open my lungs in order to breathe how I normally do when I run. I decided to drop out and crew Bryce for the rest of the race. I was disappointed, but I think I made the right decision. My legs felt great, but my lungs didn’t. I paced Bryce from mile 40 to mile 45, and had a great time getting fuel ready and getting a tan in the sun while Bryce maintained his composure on the hellish course. It was fun to watch Bryce–and all the other athletes–finish the race. I have never really watched an ultra…I’ve always just gone to races because I was doing them. I definitely learned a lot from watching the top runners and their strategies. One thing that made me happy was that there were two female athletes kicking ass at the lead of the pack. I wondered to myself if they knew about GO TRIbal–and the empowerment that it provides to so many badass women and girls. The strength, grace, and femininity they exhibited in a sport that causes so much pain and mental torment was amazing to me. It reminded me of the reasons I want to grow and develop as an endurance athlete–whether I am biking, running, climbing, or mountaineering.

I learned that it is important to take your body’s condition into consideration before attempting to do something as strenuous as an ultramarathon. However, I am excited to enter into another 50 as soon as I can. My first DNF will serve as a lesson and a reminder of the way I need to feel before I do a race. And I probably won’t DNF again because of this experience. As athletes, I hope you will strive to be healthy, badass, and good-natured always. Take care of yourself, and if you are sick, make sure you are better before you do something that will make you sicker. Keep rockin’ it! And don’t forget to act like a lady–because ladies are strong and awesome.

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