Mountain Biking

Hello Everyone!

How is Xmas preparation going? Well…I am way too ahead, I almost have all my presents and I am extremely proud of myself. I will definitely avoid holiday rush in the next year.:-)

I wanted to share my wonderful mountain bike ride with you which I did yesterday between 3:30pm and 5:00pm in the afternoon. Why the time is so important to mention? Because maybe some of you can also manage once a week to get off from work a little earlier than on the other days which would allow you an escape of 1.5hrs before it gets dark. An escape which we all deserve mums, housewives, girls. What a wonderful moment.

What I highly recommend is to try some new trails different from the ones you usually run this way you can even discover new parts of your favourite forest.

Many people say that winter is for some cross-training, a moment of trying new things in your life. Well for me mountain-biking has always been a part of me but I was rather using my bike to go to friends’ house rather than “real rides”. I can assure you that it is a perfect workout, if you are trying to keep your speed up your heartbeat is gonna be in the sky while you can still admire the wonders of the nature around you.

What could be better than a bike ride in the forest? Well…a bike ride in the forest with friends! Try to persuade your friends who always admire what you do in triathlon to come and do an easy ride with you in the forest. Hearts will open up and unique moments are guaranteed!

Make sure you have your helmet and gloves on in case you fall and even if you go to a forest that you think you know 100% make sure you have a map on you and a headlight in case you get lost and need to ride back to town in the dark.

Be careful and enjoy every moment of your rides!

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