Monday Madness At Master’s Swim

I could barely finish the main set, which was 1 x 500 (FR), 2 x 250, 5 x 100 (choice), and then 4(50 BS, 25 FR, 25 choice). There was some more but I had to leave by 7:15 (we start at 6:15).

One thing I know is that I swim better if I eat something before I go. And believe it or not, I didn’t use to take the time to eat anything because it was early in the morning (5:15) and I just wasn’t hungry. I always took time for a cup of coffee but often didn’t eat anything. Mistake!

Since I don’t have time for a bowl of cereal, I often a bar of some sort. I don’t really want to eat a sports bar per se, partly because they’re rather expensive, so I sometimes settle for cheaper forms of quick energy, like Fiber One bars.

They actually taste pretty good and yes, they are made with sugar but our muscles use white sugar pretty much the same way they use maltodextrin (sugar in sports bars), especially in high intensity activity.

Homemade sports bars are actually the best way to go – more on those later. But for now, getting something in my stomach that is high in carbohydrates makes me feel much better than when I don’t eat anything.

Other pre-swim snacks I eat include yogurt, half bagel with light cream cheese, homemade muffin, or biscotti with my coffee. Something is always better than nothing. Pretty profound statement, eh?

Another way to keep your energy level up during master’s swim is to keep a water bottle filled with a sports drink at the end of your lane (but that just makes me have to pee so I forego the fluids during master’s and just make sure I eat before I swim!).

Tomorrow is my run day and because I’m only running 45 mins, I will have a glass of juice and a banana 30 mins before my run. That works well for me. Because your liver glycogen stores are pretty much depleted when you wake up in the morning, you need some carbohydrate to get you going.

Sure, you can run without eating anything but I can guarantee one thing: you’ll run faster and/or longer with some carbohydrate in your system. Juice, fruit, handful of Cheerios, whatever – just eat something with carbs in it about 30 mins before heading out the door.

More ideas coming soon!

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