Lucky To Have You!

Hello, GO TRIbal!

Spring is officially here! Yesterday was the first day. I am so excited for summer road riding and mountain biking and running in shorts! I’m excited for morning book reading and walks to the coffee shop for iced coffee. I love the warm sun on my skin and the happiness that warmth and sunshine brings.

Saturday my friend Carli and I drove to Bozeman, MT for the Run to the Pub half marathon. It was Saint Patrick’s Day, and I had A BLAST! We decked ourselves out in green nail polish and all the green spandex we could get our hands on (hands, nail polish, no pun intended). I was rather sore and tired from a hard day on Wednesday and a tough workout on Friday, but the run was 13 miles of downhill and relatively nice weather. The comraderie and level of positivity was AMAZING! Carli beat me by nearly 4 minutes…that little gazelle! I spent the last couple miles of the race trying to keep up with this ripped old man. He was sprinting so fast and encouraging me and we finished the race together. He came up to me afterward and gave me a big hug and told me that “we helped each other!”

It seems like I make new friends at every race I go to. I am so happy to be part of a community of active, healthy, and happy people who are united in something that is pure and wholesome. I am so LUCKY to have legs to run on and bike with and friends to run and ride with.

Right now I am training for my second season of wildland firefighting. It’s hard to fit all the running and riding I would like to do into my schedule, which mostly involves skiing, hiking, lifting, climbing, and doing hundreds of pushups, situps, and pullups in a day. But every time I go on a run, I am reminded of how good it feels to do so. I am grateful to have such a huge community of active women who I can look up to and talk to about things I feel passionately about.

Have a GREAT day! I am lucky to have you all!


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