Looking Up!

Just wanted to give a little update from my last post and say a huge THANK YOU to evveryone who commented both here and on Facebook, offering both support and great advice!

GI issues:  These miraculously improved on a weekend away from home.  I am still having some minor issues, but nothing like I was.  I have stopped drinking our well water and am going to have it tested.  This is the only thing I have changed so far.  I am going to start working with a registered dietician/ sports nutritionist to try to figure out my remaining issues.

Dizziness:  Two weeks ago, I saw the ENT.  He ordered more bloodwork ( all negative), a brain MRI (negative), and an evaluation with the physical therapist for vestibular paresis.  The evaluation with the physical therapist showed definite signs of vestibular paresis and I have begun therapy for that.  Just exercises at home for now.  Once my babysitter (my mom) returns from vacation, I’ll be going to work with the therapist several times a week.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test out any progress while running, yet.  I managed to pull a hip flexor last week and haven’t run since I started doing them.  I am still swimming and biking, but I didn’t get dizzy during those activities in the first place.

Also, this could be related to both issues:  I found some mold in our house.  This really didn’t surprise me.  For each of the last two years we have had water in the basement about 4 months of the year.  (When the water table is high, it comes up through the cracks in the floor.)  While my son was away this past week, I did a lot of disinfecting, have had windows open almost constantly, and ordered a good-quality filter for our HVAC system.  We are planning to move to a different house sometime early next year, I am working on accelerating that timeline.

So, anyway, things are looking UP around here!  I don’t have it all figured out, but I have a plan.

And again, thank you so much for ALL of your advice and support!

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