Life After An Ironman

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to share a very interesting topic with you that is usually not that much of a subject in the tri blogs/forums. What do we do with our lives when our BIG race is over and we have accomplished the goal what we set for ourselves about a year ago…

Well, I must say that the person who invented the idea that sport and triathlon in general can become an addiction that is similar to drugs was totally right…Our bodies are used to 13-16 hours of training per week and once the race is over we are actually supposed to NOT do anything real serious for about 2 months…AHHHH it is HARD!!

I can’t believe that I miss training so much! I miss reading my weekly plans and I miss fighting with my polar watch:-)

There is of course to aspects of recuparation:

1. Mental

2. Phisical

The mental part is actually just as hard as the phisical. I am dealing it with it though, I am focusing on next year and my plans to find a new job. I want to spend more time with my friends and mostly to discover Paris more. I am tyring new restaurants, I purposely go to areas where I have never been before and it is really COOL!

Phisically it is really hard. 5 weeks after the race sometimes my body still feels really tired but I hate the fact that my muscles are gone and yes, I think I have been gaining some weight as well…I got back to some basic training and I did a 16k Paris – Versailles Run race as well but I keep paying for it. I went to hard even though I promised that I was going to take it easy…

Ladies one big advice for you and for me: Recuperation is just as important as the race itself. Take action, put your compresssports on and profit from the fact that now you can see friends you haven’t seen for a while and go to a restaurant that you’ve wanted to try forever!

Take it easy and enjoy the falling leaves from the trees!


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