I’m Lovin’ It!

I’ve now been ‘signed off’ from Mickel Therapy having had my last session last month. I have all the tools to help me stay well but can always ask for help if needed. I still get tired some days but not ‘crappy CFS tired’ where my system starts to shut down and I have no option but to take to my bed. I reckon I am getting tired because I am doing so much more now compared to what I used to (not) do!

I’ve been training 5 days a week, 2 swim, 2 bike, 2 run, doubling up a run with a swim or bike. Not long distances but harder sessions as I can now push myself more and not pay for it afterwards. I’ve had a breakthrough in swimming after telling my cousin (who used to be a swim teacher) that I just wasn’t managing more than a length at a time of front crawl. She told me I was trying to go too fast and to slow it down as much as I could. Result! I can now do 800m (with a few 10-20sec rests), it may not be great technique bit it’s a step forward!

I’ve entered the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon in August which is a supersprint, I love Jenson Button so will be hoping to meet him……..along with 500 other participants 😉  My long suffering other half will be happy to accompany me to this event as he is a motor racing nut. He is very supportive of my madness(!) and a very patient person – he has to be, given  that  am so slow!!

Onwards and upwards 🙂

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