If You Don’t Have Your Health, You Don’t Have Anything

Her heart had never raced so quickly. She didn’t remember making it to her car or really anything the doctor said before hearing the words “detected” and “melanoma.” Head between her hands, she began to cry. She cried for herself and for all of the things before those two words she was: triathlete, mother, friend, daughter, sister and wife. Now she was “cancer patient” first and foremost and would never be what she’d worked so hard to define, if she didn’t fight this and WIN.  Suddenly the race was no longer to be the strongest self it was to negotiate time on this Earth just to be. She didn’t remember driving home or walking up to the house. As her reality swirled up and away from her in the gust of spring here’s what she didn’t know: She was going to need her people to rally around and give her strength now more than ever.

In case you forgot, this May is skin cancer awareness month. I can think of no better time than to invite your thoughts on how skin cancer has affected your life of the lives of your loved ones?

We work hard daily on maintaining a fitness level keeping us smiling from ear to ear and firmly giving our identity roots within our fit communities. So what happens when a usually preventable disease infiltrates your community? How does that community change or stay the same?

If you’re game enough to share, I’d like to highlight you on as a guest blogger with your personal stories of how skin cancer affects you and your community. Please email your submissions to info@gotribalnow.com subject line: Skin Cancer.

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