Had a Good Laugh

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. And what is better than when that priceless “laugh out loud” moment hits when you are watching yourself in the mirror.

Today (well mostly this morning) was a crazy, busy day. After teaching 2 hours of cycling class, I had just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat, a big cup of coffee and a shower before heading off to multiple training sessions. My laugh at myself moment came after the shower when I found myself “attempting” to get dressed.

You know when you hop out of the shower in a hurry and don’t get quite dry enough – meaning clothes tend to stick instead of slide right on? Now imagine a large towel wrapped around my head while at the same time trying to slither into a compression workout tank with a slightly damp back. It reminded me of one of the funniest things I have ever read and need to share it with all of you. No matter how many times I have read it, it is always good for a laugh!

Check out How to Put on a Sports Bra. It hit a little too close to home this morning!