Green Spin Bikes

Hello GO TRIbal!

It is a beautiful Thursday morning in Missoula…what a great day to be alive! I have school and skate skiing, running, climbing, First Friday Art Walk, and backcountry skiing to look forward to this weekend. I can’t wait!

Lately I’ve been learning about environmental regulation and policy–a field I hope to continue to involve myself with as I study at the University of Montana, fight wildfires for the BLM, and attend law school for environmental law. After taking and teaching many spin classes, I started to wonder why the gym I am employed by hasn’t begun harnessing human calories and turning them into electricity for the gym to use. I started researching the idea. Apprently these gyms (and others) have already begun to pave the way toward creating carbon neutral (or negative!) fitness centers.,8599,2032281,00.html

Essentially, the energy from the spin bikes is transferred into measurable, usable energy. It makes sense…we expend so many calories and so much effort into training–and we might as well utilize it. I hope that I can at least try to get University of Montana to jump on board the fight for greener fitness facilities.

Have a great day, lovelies!

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