Fit To Be Famous

I realized recently why there is such a draw to running for people of all shapes and sizes.  I participated in a 5K race as part of a volunteer “running buddy” for an organization called “Girls on the Run.”  This organization goes into schools and promotes physical activity, self esteem and a love for running to young girls.  As I crossed the finish line with my new 9 year old buddy, Liz, we were being cheered for by hundreds of people.  I thought to myself, “how cool is this?!  We just ran a 5K in 45 minutes and people are still cheering for us?!”  That’s awesome. It made me think about all the races I’ve ever done.  By no means am I the fastest runner, winning any races.  However, every time I have ever finished a race (no matter the distance or the time), people cheer!  For me!  And I thought, for most of us, we stopped getting cheered for after about high school, unless maybe we were a college athlete.  But for the rest of us regular people, when in your adult life does anyone cheer, scream and go crazy for you?  Rarely, if ever.  So I thought, “What a cool sport running is.”  It makes me feel special and famous, if even just for a brief moment as I cross the finish line.  So, to you fans out there:  you know who you are.  The ones who bring your cow bells and pom poms out to our races, thank you for making me feel famous.

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