A Day In The Life

Sat:  Alarm goes off….(you slept in today)

Here’s a bit about one weekend day in the life of me…

I work a little bit.  Then by 6:30 I’ve got my lycra on (matching, of course), my hair pulled back, my heart rate monitor firmly pressed against my breast bone, and I’m eating as I put my cycling sox on.

6:55 am: I’m cycling to the pit stop where I’ll meet friends who i’ll be with for the next four hours.

7:45 am: We’re rolling.  It’s gorgeous outside, and the group is superb. I ride 1 hour longer than scheduled because of these conditions.

11:55: Off bike, into running shoes and grab a half frozen water bottle. (which thaws in 5 minutes). Like running in a pea-soup-95 degree-vacuum, with occasional blow-dryer gusts of 10 mph.

1:00: finish run – into cold shower. My face is on fire.

1:10: protein shake with copious amounts of blueberries and chia seeds.

1:15-2:30 – Drink ridiculous amounts of water while working.

3:00 – Interval swim workout. Shower at pool and get ready for Ben Harper summer concert at the Track.

4:30 – Grab burritos/tacos (all fresh ingredients!) en route to concert.

4:45 – eat one taco to stave off hunger pains.

Fall asleep standing up at Ben Harper concert (8:50 pm). Abort abort abort…

You don’t have to have a ridonkulous day like this to feel TOTALLY alive and awesome.

What does your weekend look like?

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