The Birthday Workouts

Saturday was my 51st Birthday!! So I thought what better way to celebrate than with some Birthday Workouts!!!

I’d mentioned “Birthday Swim” to the coach in a workout a few weeks back. I may be wrong but he seemed gleefully happy to put up a 5100 yard workout for the day. The amazing part to me was how the entire Masters Swim group gladly accepted the challenge without one complaint. Very cool! I told my friend Judy about the swim and she and her husband Sam came out Friday morning to help celebrate! That was very nice!

Friday Swim:
10 x 25 @ :30
10 x 50 @ 1:00
10 x 75 @ 1:15
10 x 100 @ 1:30
10 x 150 @ 2:00
5 x 200 @ 3:00
1x 100 FLY!

More rest at the beginning of the workout. He could have reversed the distances but no…that would have made it too easy. He did have to add :15 for the 200’s, by that point I was starting to fade.

Saturday – to continue on with the birthday plan I wanted to ride at least 51 miles. Of course when I woke up that morning the weather was ridiculous! It was about 35 degrees out with winds from the NNW at 12-15 mph! Not particularly ideal cycling conditions. My friends Deanna and Lesley are training for a century and needed to ride for 5 hours that morning. So we formulated a plan to meet them at mile 22. Again like troopers Judy and Sam showed up to ride! The weather conditions weren’t as bad as they sounded – recently I got a¬†Cannondale Morphis¬†jacket and that thing is pretty much 100% windproof. It has sleeves that attach with magnets so it’s really easy to convert it into a vest if the temperature rises. I wore tights, booties, my Craft windproof shirt, l/s jersey, my jacket, a fleece beanie and winter gloves with glove liners. I also put “hot hands” under the toes of my booties and in my gloves. I was very comfortable!!

We rode out and back on the Trace – headwind out, tailwind back – sweet!! Pushed the pace on the way back with the tailwind with Sam. Ended up with 45.63 miles when we got back to the cars. ūüôĀ Booo…. that meant I needed to ride another 6. No other takers so I went out and back 3 to get my 51!

Sunday is my long run. Typically for this birthday I would have been completely satisfied with running 5.1 miles but I’ve got the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Half Mary in a few weeks so the training schedule said 11. Ugh. Another chilly morning so I planned to meet Judy at 10:00am. Late getting there – like 10:20 because I was following Lance at the IM Panama 70.3 on Ironmanlive! I don’t know if any of you kept up with the race – it was awesome!

My husband Bill was out there running too! He’s also doing the NOLA race, his longest race ever – Bill is an awesome golfer and I can sometimes get him to run. He’s from New Orleans so this will be really fun for us! Judy ran with me out and back for 6 miles and then I had to carry on solo for the last 5. Ended up with a 8:53 average pace. Happy with that – my long run pace is typically 9:00s.

Monday – I rested.

One of the guys I swim with told me that he hoped he didn’t know me when I was 71. Funny!

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