And In The Beginning…..

So today marks the beginning of my journey to 70.3.  I have spent most of this year completing sprint triathlons and getting the routine of a triathlon down.  I am comfortable with the sport of triathlon.  I love to swim, I love to bike and I love to run.  Putting them all together makes sense for me.  Adding distance to those disciplines is another story. And me losing more weight is another piece to this puzzle.

Its not about time for me but rather accomplishment.  Let’s face it, I’m 44 and should be in better health.  I have let the American lifestyle and diet take over.  I am now in the process of redefining my health. Any race/challenge that I sign up I have finished.  Its not to say that I did not have thoughts during some of those races to DNF, but in the end, I chose to finish.

This evening, I make the hard down right committment to completing a 70.3 triathlon next August.  Along with starting a new advanced practice job and finishing my masters, what’s one more challenge?!!

Because, I have nothing better to do……

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