8,424 Hours

Recently, I won a free entry into the Leadman125K.

That 125K breaks down to  a 1.6 mile swim, 68 mile bike, and an 8 mile run.
It has me thinking…
How did I get here?

When I step into the water on March 31st, it will be 8,424 hours after the day when I dipped my toes into Lake Mead for my first ever
Sprint Triathlon.

8,424 Hours
351 days
11.5 months
Just 14 days short of One Year.
better yet…
Just 2 years (or 16,848 hours) after I stepped into a gym as an overweight, out of shape 50 year old woman.

Did I step into that gym thinking about doing something like this?
You’ve got to be kidding…
I stepped into that gym almost anticipating defeat.
But I made a deal with myself.
Twice a week. Just 2 hours a week.
Surely I could do that.
For 4 months that was about the extent of it.
Then I added a spin class once a week.
Then I decided to run a 10K.
Then…another one.
Then..I bought a bike.
Then..Leadman 125.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, I’m looking at an event that could take me the entire 9 hours allowed.
Working out and being healthy has gone from…
Cuz’ I need to lose weight.
Cuz’ this journey is just too much fun

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